About Us

RGW Construction, Inc. was formed in 1990 by joining The Raisch Company of San Jose, California with Grade-Way Construction of Fremont, California.   The substantial grading and paving experience of Grade-Way Construction complimented the paving and highway structures expertise of the Raisch Company.  The combination of these two companies provided a wealth of assets and experience in the public and private sectors as well as the financial strength that afforded the new company a substantial position in the Northern California highway construction market of the early 1990’s.  Through the 1990’s RGW Construction honed its expertise in building highways, bridges, infrastructure for residential and commercial projects and expanded its geographical range through the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

With a keen eye on the future, RGW expanded its operations into the underground arena in 1996, adding storm drain, sewer and water line construction to its growing list of expertise.  Recognizing changes in the construction landscape in 2000, RGW again added a new line of work to its repertory when opportunities arose to engage in Environmental and Haz-Mat remediation projects.  In 2005, RGW again recognized opportunities in the construction market and began building Waste Water Treatment plants.

While our construction operations were growing, our Equipment/Shop operations grew also.  In addition to maintaining a substantial fleet of equipment, RGW’s Equipment Department expanded in to the service arena in 1992, servicing outside clients with state of the art maintenance equipment and personnel.   Today the Equipment department enjoys a solid reputation as one of the largest equipment service organizations in Northern California, providing maintenance and repairs for hundreds of customers.  In 2007, RGW became the area dealership for the TEREX line of construction equipment, providing an extensive line of construction equipment ranging from backhoes to excavators, scrapers to off road trucks, and everything in between.